6 October 2018

New! Soft collection

New! Soft collection

Certainly a must have baby accesorry

Belgian-based Play&Go have revolutionized the way many parents approach taking their children out to play or even how they organize their activities in the home.  All through their award winning combination child play mat and carrying bag, which is innovative and exciting for both parents and children alike.  Already a growing, popular brand, the company recently celebrated the launch of their latest – a 3 in 1 Soft Collection that combines baby play mat, toy storage bag, and convenient diaper bag, certainly a must-have baby accessory.  The collection features an animal theme that quickly wins over the hearts of both mothers and little ones alik

“We always put quality and safety first in everything we do and our new collection well represents that commitment,”  commented a spokesperson from Play&Go.  “There's a good reason why our brand has won international praise – kids love to play with our products and they make family's lives so much easier.”

The unique 3 in 1 playmat is made of high-quality soft jersey cotton which is near-impossible not to love.  It is a full 120 cm in diameter and features a removable shoulder strap, allowing it to be carried on the shoulder or attached to a baby stroller depending on need and preference.  The inside features baby-fun animals the peacock, polar bear, penguin, and lama, while the outside displays four mom friendly, attractive, choices.  Overall a win-win for both ends of the family.

Play&Go has been sure to make the product baby-safe, with a cotton flap cover that makes sure a baby is not able to access its rope.

 Early feedback for the new 3 in 1 Soft Collection Play&Go product has been very positive across from worldwide key retailers and press!